It's been a while. I'm not sure yet what I'll be writing here but man, it feels good already. I just need to release something. As I'm writing this, the title of the post is still "First post".

I used to write a lot. It helped me on many levels from clearing up thoughts to improving my English (my mother tongue is French).

I could write about me but I'm already making an about me page. Talk about how and why I set up this website would be relevant but it would be an article i itself. No, I think I'll write about... Why I'm feeling the need to write again.

Writing is underrated

To see glyphs that our brain recognizes as letters, assembles them in words and then in sentences is amazing. To assume meaning and to let imagination build emotions is exceptional.

When I was six, my grandpa offered be a gorgeous pen. I just started learning to write. I loved that tool so much that I enjoyed copying hundreds of times each letter from the alphabet in a notebook.

Two years later, my parents bought a computer. We've all heard stories about kids messing around with the family computer and learning to code that way. Well, I didn't hack any database but I spent so much time writing short stories. I'd print them and let my friends and family read them.

Microsoft Word and PrintMaster were my two writing tools from concept to print. That was also my first introduction to design. Playing with fonts, spacing, images and layout is basically what I'm still doing today.

Slowing down

I probably don't need to tell you that I love to read too. No other medium can give me so much satisfaction than reading I book I enjoy. Of course I like to watch a movie but to finish a book has an aspect of accomplishment.

It is easier to launch Netflix, pick a series and start watching. Like running, reading is about commitment. And commitment, when achieved, makes you feel better than when you started.

In a society where nothing is going fast enough, where our attention is bought, to read is an act of protest. Writing is rebellion. It is about putting everything aside and let our mind wander.

Here's my small contribution. If it would help someone to start writing too, then my goal is reached.

The world would be such a better place if everybody could take the time to write.

Cover picture by Kym Ellis on Unsplash