A team at Koalect, my company, is working directly with clients on tailor-made digital products. We call that team the agency, because it makes sense.

I am not directly involved in that team, even though I show up here and there, when they need me. What’s been difficult so far is to join a project halfway through the process and give relevant input without breaking previous decisions.

I’ve been in too many client meetings going wrong because of semi-aware people thinking the time has come to come in. They would disapprove things without knowing the process people working on the project have been through. Managers, board members, CEO's, these people can't be ignored yet their input is often out of touch, to say the least.

The outcome of these meetings are the worst. Everything is a question again, people on both sides get frustrated and sorry at the same time, and the project is being delayed. And that person who felt like showing up, in addition to feeling superior now, thinks that intervention was a good thing.

Lack of trust, sense of superiority, fear of missing out, being a jerk, the reasons are endless to this kind of behaviour.

I don’t want to be that person. And I make my best to remind myself about it when I have to check on something others have been working on.

Cover by Ramesh Iyer