As a product designer, I'm part of a few Slack communities or Facebook groups. I guess some people find them very useful, I just can't keep up with all the discussions and noise going on.

On the occasion, I'd check them but immediatly regret it. People fighting whether Sketch or Figma is best or what are five plugins no serious designer could possibly work without.

That is exhausting and it doesn't help to elevate the conversation to where it should be held. I understand people getting started need to know what tool to use but the only answer is "Here's a list, take two days and see what you're still using next week".

I know where this come from. I might even put myself in that situation. People are just afraid to start. While you're wondering what book you need to read before you start a new project, someone else already finished the wireframes and has learned much more than what you're getting out of the whole book.

Just take a pen and paper and start sketching ideas. I'm conviced that is how you grow. Not through another YouTube tutorial.