Front-end Developer Awareness

Front-end Developer Awareness

What does a front-end developer?

As web technologies become more and more sharp, the boundaries between front-end and back-end tend to decrease. Even web designer are involved in this conversation as it is often required they also produce HTML and CSS.

Your role as a front-end developer is definitively to write HTML/CSS code but when it comes to JS, opinions may differ. Of course vanilla javascript falls in the front-end skills but what about frameworks like Angular or JS task runners?

The structure

It’s fair to say what is expected of you depends on the size of the structure you work in. A two-devs startup needs you to be a jack-of-all-trades and you should be able to get out of your comfort zone to explore everything around front-end such as JS frameworks, web design, UX or even back-end stuff could help to develop a smooth workflow.

As your dev team expands, you will focus on more specific topics. If your company hires an Angular developer and a UX designer, your role would be to focus on SASS and its file architecture for example. This can be challenging because even if you can focus on fewer things, you’d better still be aware of what’s going on in other fields you could one day work in.

Never-ending change

On top of that, technologies change endlessly. Nobody was using JS frameworks five years ago but everyone build web apps with them nowadays. For the best, of course, but who knows what’s next and what developers will have to learn to stay up-to-date?

A new industry

Our industry is still young and has the benefit to improve everyday,that’s what makes it so exciting. The flip side of the coin is we have to keep learning what we feel is important to our work, that can feel overwhelming sometimes.

Be aware

In conclusion, a good front-end developer is not the guy who can do everything related to its job —he just doesn’t exist— but it is the developer who’s good at what he does and is aware of what comes before and after his work.

In other words, a developer should know what needs to be done by others for him to start working and what should he do for the next person in the workflow for her to be able to do a great job too.