5 web design publications to follow

Web design is a discipline constantly evolving. Keeping up to date requires finding great sources of inspiration and advices. Those blogs helped me a lot at perfecting my craft, and still do.

1. A List Apart

A List Apart explores the design, development, and meaning of web content, with a special focus on web standards and best practices.

It all started in 1997 as a newsletter Jeffrey Zeldman and Brian M. Platz launched to become a web magazine the year after. It is since a place where you can find great articles worth reading. The website is part of the "Apart" brand that includes An Event Apart and A Book Apart.

2. Smashing Magazine

Founded in September 2006, Smashing Magazine delivers useful and innovative information to web designers and developers to inform readers about the latest trends and techniques in web development.

Hardboiled Web Design by Andy Clarke

Years later, they now organize conferences around the globe and publish technical books about design and code.

3. Webdesigner Depot

From Photoshop tutorials to WordPress plugins, Webdesigner Depot is the perfect showcase for Web savvy designers. You’ll find in-depth articles on a variety of red hot topics such as jQuery, HTML 5, CSS3, responsive design, typography, usability, and more. Not to mention features looking at the business side of design, freelancing, mobile applications, inspiration, and resources, to name a few. In short, if it relates to design, chances are it exists an article about it on WDD.

4. UX Booth

The UX Booth is a publication by and for the user experience community. Their readership consists mostly of beginning-to-intermediate user experience and interaction designers, but anyone interested in making the web a better place to be is welcome.

5. InVision Blog

InVision gives teams the freedom to design, review, and user test products—all without a single line of code. Their blog is full of interesting articles about web design, UX and UI.

Bonus: Offscreen

Offscreen is an independent magazine about people who use the internet and technology to be creative, solve problems, and build successful businesses. Captured in enduring print, it documents stories of creativity and passion that shape the digital age.

At 20$ the issue, we're far from the free blog post but as an early fan of the magazine I can guarantee you it's worth its price. Just try the experience of reading Offscreen during a break, seated on a couch with a hot coffee and you'll ask Kai when will the next issue be shipped.