Ennéa-Soi's website & branding

Ennéa-Soi is the project of Anne, a professional and personal coach. I designed her website and visual identity.

SAC's flowsheet

SAC is Brussels City’s service taking care of the mediation between the city and people in cases of unpaied fines. I made a schema explaining how the service works.

Bravvo's 2011 datavisualisations

For their 2011 activities report, people at Bravvo, a Brussel City service, needed four datavisualisations about what they did that year.

NS's branding & business card

Behind NS is hiding Nicolas, a nice guy teaching kids to swim. I develop his visual identity and declined it in business cards and car stickers.

Delta Architects' blog

Namur based architecture bureau Delta Architects already had a website but they wanted to make it more alive. With Anthony, my fellow at Rorkal, we developed a custom blog.

Replay61's branding, business cards & music video

The music band Replay61 is more and more known in its region. It was time for them to become more pro with business cards and stuff.